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The 1st Ratatouille RP: PART 3!

Hi there, everyone! Anyways, we've moved on to PART 3 of the RP, so the recap will be below the cut in case you're a little lost as to what was going on. Now I've noticed a few of you went MIA for a while (which is okay, but you know, we DO miss you when you're gone.) but I hope you do plan to come back. Come on! We like your company!

Anyways, on to the recap!


Login: $VERNON_C
Password: *******
Network: //dbr/soup_svr/skn_comp001

//Verifying . . . .

//Login sucessful - TIME 10:00 08/07/2008

Well! Looks like I'm in! Anyways, I was told by the RPers to come up with the recap for the 1st Ratatouille RP: PART 2. While recaps aren't my thing, I'll do my bes---

{JI-JI enters the room}

JI-JI: Hey! What are you doing here, Vern? I thought no one was in Skinner's office using HIS computer at this time!

Vern: I was going to ask the same question to you!

JI-JI: Well.... I was looking for Skinner's credit cards again to use them as part of my prank. ... HEY! Wait! Are you doing one of those recappy things?

Vern: Well.... yes.

JI-JI: Can I help? We can do them like one of those cheesey fighting anime recaps.

Vern: How about no. I don't like cheese. It's just bad writting.

JI-JI: Well! I'm going to do it anyways, 'Roach! Lets take it from the top like when Yvette was trying to translate your chicken scratch to Django when you were trying to communicate with Ego about how Rachel learned to write.

Vern: It wasn't chickenscratch. It was cursive!

JI-JI: Anyways, we discover that it was our pal Vernon who taught Rachel how to write which he's totally regretting.

Vern: Oh... don't remind me! Rachel's turned in to a most horrifying literary monster. She takes much pleasure in shutting restaurants down with her reviews. I tried getting the truth out to Anton Ego at La Ratatouille and he seems to understand. But because of the recent turn of events, I have no home with Rachel anymore. So I got to stay for the night.

JI-JI: But what about that bike chase Renee was on to get her bike back? That caused a lot of chaos in Paris! She was knocking over stuff left-right-and-center while taking her boss along for the ride. She finally caught up to our mysterious bike theif and stopped him at a bridge, but not before he tried taking off with her bike pouch!

Vern: Lucky for her that her lucky knife was in there which seems to be unlucky for everyone else. Because of its' bad luck, the bike theif trips and sends Renee's pouch, lucky knife and all in to the Seine River.

JI-JI: But Renee jumps in after it! You'd think she was trying out for the Olympics. Anyways, Renee gets soaked and gets her pouch back; but the bike theif is not done yet. He tosses a vial of paprika at Skinner like one of those smoke screens. Just when the theif thought he escaped, he runs right in to Horst who saves the day by tossing the theif over the side and in to a boat full of anchovies. Ick! Oh....! And Horst gets to be the hero again when he rescues Renee from the river.

Vern: But just when the two get back to check in on Skinner, the crew was almost run over by the mysterious Ethan Kollander of Kollander's Quik Kitchen in a biplane. Oh geez.... now that sentance was just awkward. See? What did I tell you about bad writting? It's contagious!

JI-JI: Oh! Will you quit whinning about it? Any more whinning and we'd have enough to get everyone at both La Ratatouille and the DBR drunk with it for a week!

Vern: Will you JUST move on?!

JI-JI: Oh. Right. Anyways, then Renee discovers where Chef Takashi's journal is and it's at a museaum called the Pettit Palais which is just plain dangerous to break in to without the right people to help. Enter Horst and Kollander who seem to know loads to the spy and heist buisness.

Vern: Putting those two together yields a dangerous combination but yet they form a plan to help retrieve the recipee, The Golden Koi, from the Journal. But they need Skinner's help and height in order to pull this off.

JI-JI: They get him to agree by using Ethan's links to the W.H.O to threaten to cause some trouble for him.

Vern: But lets not forget that prank you played on Skinner earlier that day. You know.... the one you abused his credit cards again and messed up his papers?

JI-JI: You just had to bring that up, huh? Well! It was a good prank! Anyways, throughout the time Ethan and Horst get their plans together, Renee's "swim" in the Seine has some bad effects on her health. She is so not feeling so hot right now. Colds in humans are nasty things. But Renee being Renee, she insists on helping no matter what. When the heist part of the plan mostly formed, Renee and Skinner take off. Oh! And we learn that Ethan's mysterious for a reason! That's 'cause he's a secret agent!

Vern: But also, Ethan tells Horst in secret why Renee would do anything and everything she can to help her employer. It turns out that Chef Skinner is the only one who has managed to keep Renee for longer than a month.... unlike her previous employers.

JI-JI: Way longer than a month! Try six of them! Six months with that three-foot cat-and-rat-hating tyrant....

Vern: Will you stay on task here?!

JI-JI: Geez! Fine! Anyways, on the La Ratatouille side, Tanya "The Kitchen Gypsy" Diego, attempts to do some mind reading but ended up with a psychic headache which really puts a damper on things. Especially when it comes to talking to Remy and this real jerk of an uncle he has -  Uncle Leon. I don't trust that rat as far as I can throw him!

Vern: But it's from Leon who we discover that Skinner will only be supervising the cooking on the DBR side. A startling revelation for Remy. I also speak to Remy about Rachel and her picky tastes as well as the fact that the whole contest could be a trap!

JI-JI: Then I show up and let him know that it's Renee who's going to be cooking! Remy didn't like that one bit and his confidence takes a nose dive for a moment. But during that time I came over and we're talking, Leon is off doing his own trecherous things like messing around with La Ratatouille's AC system on that very hot day. Talk about nasty! 

Vern: But then Leon comes back just in time to see what effects that destroying the AC has on the kitchen's crew. But he doesn't come back empty handed! He brings back a device that allows rats to communicate with humans.

JI-JI: Remy loves the invention, but I don't love the inventor! When Remy and Tanya go to check out the damage to the AC, I decided I'd let Leon know who's boss. I seriously don't like that guy. JERK! But Vernon told me to let the rat go, so I did, but not before I ambushed him with the 10-almond barrage!

Vern: But when Remy and Tanya check out the damage to the AC, they suspect that it wasn't Leon who caused it but it was Skinner himself. But that couldn't be any farther from the truth. 

JI-JI: Talk about mistaken identity! After investigating the damage, Remy lets Tanya know about the exhibit at the Pettit Palais where Chef Takashi's Journal is at. Tanya offers to take him to the event after work. Remy was so excited about this and he just can't wait for it! ....  Whoa.... hey! Look! We just did the recap together! And it's done all cheesy and stuff!

Vern: Unfortunately, yes. Hm! Wait! Who's office are we in again? I was too busy here to recall.

JI-JI: Skinner's.

Vern: And who's desk is this?

JI-JI: Skinner's.

Vern: And who's computer is this?

JI-JI: Skinner's.

Vern: And who's that turning the door knob?

JI-JI: Skinner?

Vern: Oh fudge.

Vern & JI-JI: Well! Who will fall under the pressure and who will stand tall? Will Renee get the Golden Koi recipee or will the heist turn in to a rescue mission? Can Remy and La Ratatouille come up with the perfect recipee to help win the contest? Or is the entire contest a cleaver trap set by Rachel to shut both restauarnts down at the same time? The knives are flying and trouble's cooking but who can take the heat? Join us this time for The 1st Ratatouille RP: PART 3 starting right now!

Vern: Remind me, how much of a tyrant is Chef Skinner?

JI-JI: Um.....

Skinner: {Pause}

Vern: I think now's a great time to----

Skinner: ACK! CASSE-TOI!



"Renee? You mean the Hawaiian girl from across the way? No wonder why Skinner is so quick to sabatogue. Even HE doesn't believe in her," said Tanya over this new revelation.

Tanya had seen how clumbsy and ditzy Renee was out in public. She could only imagine what the Hawaiian woman was capable of in the kitchen.

"So who have you considered for your panal?" asked Tanya.


"All phones you see here in the Cook Cave are secure. I wouldn't want to take any risks of anyone discovering this place, so I had PROPER phones installed down here," said Ethan, "as for the Seine distractions, I've often used the cover of fireworks to escape and make a getaway. It's a bit flashy, I'll admit, but it seems to do the job."


Renee put her phone away and went to grab her bike. She didn't like cabs much. Mostly it was because of the urban legends she heard about them and the disorientation she would suffer if she stayed for too long in one. That was the curse of having keen eyesight. Her mind would be telling her that she would be moving but her eyes would say that everything inside the car was not. Such information was confusing for her brain which caused her disorientation.

She picked up her bike (with ease) and loaded it in the back of the cab that Skinner stopped. Renee was going to pay the fare when she checked her pockets and her expression changed to a dreaded one. She froze.

"Zut.... my wallet is in my other uniform I left at home to dry and I gave my paycheque to Ethan to pay for his help...." Renee half muttered.

For Renee, this was embarrassing as it was awkward.


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Aug. 7th, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
"For my panel? Well Ego definitely, and uhhh, maybe that roach fellow, and I should probably have two or three more, preferably three as that'll make it an odd number and no chance of having any ties. So let's see, dad should be on it as he's not been fully indoctrinated in fine dining yet and can act as sort of the 'control group' and uhh...for the other two, guess I'll have to think a bit further on that."

Remy at least had a rough idea of who he'd like to see sampling his stuff, but it wasn't perfect or clear cut yet, so it'd need some working.


"Fireworks work fine, but I was thinking a bit more will be needed as well....something....oh, well, I think you'll just have to wait and see. The fireworks will be the opening salvo though of course, heheh." Horst nodded and went over to a phone, picking it up and dialing a number he'd memorized for just such an occasion.


"Its in your OTHER uniform!!!! I can't....urgh! Fine!" He shoved a clenched fist into his pocket and finally dug out some of the older francs, having not been willing to go all euro yet. He tried his best to keep his anger under control though, as Renee HAD give up her pay check for this and it wouldn't do to ostracize her for having no money.

Holding the door for her, he tried giving her a reassuring smile.

((OOC: Okay, to ease some pressure on Allie we've both agreed that I'll be the one autoing Skinner for now until she says otherwise, and she'll just concentrate on Emile and Yvette))
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
(OOC: BTW, I made the changes nessisary to reflect that arrangement in the character claiming section. )
(no subject) - nauticusvergil - Aug. 7th, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC) - Expand
Aug. 7th, 2007 05:52 pm (UTC)
"What about Emile? He seems to know a bit about food," Tanya suggested.


"Then I'll arrange for that. My fondant flame should do the trick. Looks like fondant, reacts like fireworks," said Ethan.

He then let Horst handle the phone.


(OOC: You know.... I get the feeling there are times where Skinner would just like to beat Renee with something highly dense and quite blunt. XD lol!)

"Sorry, Chef. I didn't think -koff!- about it at the time," said Renee appologetically like a scolded child.

She got in and looked at the floor. She wasn't only not feeling 100% but she was now embarrassed to boot and it showed.

(OOC: Okay. Got it. ^^ )
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
Remy nodded. "True I HAD sort of thought of that and he does know a bit about food to an extent but...with my dad there it'll almost seem like that's TWO 'control groups,' but then again, I guess the jury is still out on this one."


Horst was once again impressed with how much this guy had to offer. He then heard the person on the other end pick up. "Bonjour Monsieur Judaken, it's Horst. Ça va bien?......Ah oui! Trés bien! Excellent, excellent, now then.....I'm going to need a few favors for tonight. First and foremost, I'd like to get a fast car, you still have that Maserati Quattroporte?.....Oui? Outstanding! Park it at the Place de la Concorde, we'll pick it up there. Second....I'm going to need....four hang gliders to be set up on top of the Arc de Triomphe...oui that's correct, hang gliders. Thirdly, a boat, preferably a speedboat.....oui, of course, and it'll be placed under the uhh....let's see here...."

Horst stopped a moment to look over at the map. "Under the Pont de l'Alma. Now here's where the tricky part comes in. We're going to need a barge....oui, you know the one. It'll have to come with the works so as to provide a good distraction as we're making our way down the Seine. The usual setup will do fine. Finally, we're going to need a few of your guys dressed as cops to 'arrest' us at the end there.....Oh! The end? It'll be at the Ille de la Citié, right in front of their very own Palais de Justice. Yep! They'll take us into the Conciergerie, right to my secret apartment."

Horst listened now for a bit as the man on the other end spoke. Finally, "Oui, pleasure doing business with you again Monsieur Judaken." And with that, he promptly hung up. "All the arrangements should be in place now, I'll brief him later on as we'll have plenty of time before 10 PM tonight." he said over to Ethan.


"Its alright, its alright." Skinner said only half-reassuringly. "Important thing now is that you can just rest on the way back." Of course he had no idea that was NOT the kind of person who enjoyed being taken for a ride like this, he honestly thought he was doing her a favor.
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
(OOC: Yup! xD I'm back. Weee.)

Yvette and Emile walked into the bistro, both looking around. They've missed a lot of what had been happening, since they hadn't been there to experience it, but they knew a bit about it. Yvette pointed to an empty table, allowing Emile to follow her over to it. They both sat down, looking around still.

"I wonder what's going on," Yvette stated to Emile, turning to look over at him, a confused look on her face.

Emile shrugged and yawned, "I don't know. I think it has to do with a food critic." He turned to look in the direction of the kitchen.

"Maybe we should go ask Remy what's going on?"

Yvette's eyes grew wider as she began shaking her head.

"Uhh, I don't think that's such a good idea. Maybe later? Heh."

She chuckled, trying to stay calm.
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:48 pm (UTC)
(OOC: Whoa! You snuck up right behind me! XD Nice to see you again!)
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
"Okay... we have potentially Monsieur Ego, Vernon, Django, and potentially Emile. That makes four. I'm thinking that we need another human to round out your panal," said Tanya.


Ethan had a grin across his face. This heist will just about top the Roman job he did last year.

"Excellent! This is going much better than I originally anticipated. Now let us prepare for our security scouting mission. I need those key cards and to confirm a few things," said Ethan getting up.


"Oui.... rest...." said Renee tensly.

She looked at the floor unable to relax. Why did she let herself get talked in to this? Neither-the-less, she spoke up.

"Chef....? -koff!- You know that I have better than 20/20 vision, right...? Would now be a good time -koff!- to mention that I can't do long car trips because of that...?" said Renee sheepishly.
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
Ji-ji paced around on top of the counter for quite some time.

"That jerk who's calling himself an uncle has gotta come out some time! I swear he's nothing but trouble!" Ji-ji grumbled.

"Ji-ji, calm down! Once we have the evidence, we can act. But we can't do anything right now," said Vernon.

Ji-ji finally sat down.

"Still doesn't change my mind about him," said Ji-ji.

Vernon just groaned.
Aug. 7th, 2007 06:59 pm (UTC)
Django had followed in behind Yvette and Emile, rubbing some sleep from his eyes that had persisted every since rising. It was getting to be a hot morning, only promising to be hotter still as the day wore on. The restaurant felt a bit stuffy as he entered but figuring the AC would soon be on, he sat down at the table they had picked out, smiling at bit at Yvette's reluctance to see Remy.


"A human...a human....right.....hmmm, would you have any suggestions? Oh! I think I hear Emile up there! Hope you don't mind if I just quick go up there and talk with him. I'll be right down." He scooted off and over to his bucket, which he promptly rode up, pulling it up with speed and precision.

Léon noticed the rope being used, and knew only Remy could be heading up, so he quickly buried his face in a menu to avoid being noticed as the eager rat dashed past him and stopped at his family's table, where Yvette was also sitting.

"Hey guys! Dad, you're looking well. Yvette, nice to see you again, say Emile, I wanted to ask you something!" Remy could hardly contain his excitement. "Would you mind coming with me tonight to the Petit Palais to a new chef exhibition that's coming into town? Its gonna have a LOT of cool stuff there or so I've heard, plus the AC is on the fritz here so it'll be good to get out into some cool night air and also a building that WILL have air conditioning. Whadya say?" Remy was almost beaming now.


"Very well, let's hop to it!" Horst rubbed his palms again, eager for the job to start.


Skinner had no idea what she was talking about. "20/20 vision makes....you car sick or something?" He asked hesitantly.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
When Tanya came up and let Remy lose to do his own thing, she went to prepare her station quickly before phoning for repairs.


Ethan unstacked the uniforms and took one for himself.

"We will be using these to help get in today. Best we went in at the end of a break, that way, people will assume we had just went out. I will have Clouseau_comp01 hack in to the system to add our names to the respective databases so if someone were to check our names and see if we were part of the staff, we would be. As soon as we get passed that, we search for the key cards plus other items to make tonight's mission easier. Sound good?" said Ethan.


Renee nodded in a child-like way.

"Yup. Boats and -koff!- airplanes do it too..." said Renee shyly.

(OOC: Renee can see about 20/16 vision (Better than full colour) which means that she can see quite well in comparison to other humans unassisted. Most humans can only see 20/20 unassisted. On that same note birds can see about 20/2.)
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:20 pm (UTC)
Horst nodded in agreement. "Sounds good. By the way" he said he picked a uniform up. "What IS Clouseau_comp01. Sounds like some sort of computer ya?"


"Uhhh....I'd suggest perhaps closing your eyes then....or something. That would make it easier yes? I'd imagine we'd have...quite a bit of riding to do tonight." Skinner replied uneasily.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
"Yes. Clouseau is a computer I built for any operation that requires hacking. Can mve between systems without detection. Haven't been discovered with it yet," said Ethan.


That hadn't occured to Renee about how they were going to get to the Pettit Palais tonight or how they were going to escape. This didn't sit well with her at all!

She closed her eyes tightly when Skinner suggested it.

"How... how much more time -koff!- will it take.... to get back to the kitchen....?" Renee asked tensly.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:40 pm (UTC)
"Looks like we got it covered on our end then, perfect." Horst responded. "When should we head over there? Now?" He hefted a uniform in his hands as he spoke, shifting it from hand to hand.


"We should be there soon in fact. Ahah! Here we are now." The cab came to a halt and Skinner got out, once again holding the door open for Renee, who looked quite terrible.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC)
((OOC: Okay, I gotta run out to get some errands done. Tomorrow I'm leaving on a trip and won't get until Monday, but I should be able to post at least ONCE a day, if not more. Depends on how evenings go. Oh yeah! Once I get back my job starts so only post after 5 but that's not such a big deal.))
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Aug. 7th, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
(OOC: Other computer isn't working, so I had to force my brother to get off. xD)

Emile noticed his father sit down at the table with him and Yvette, and smiled, waving his hand to welcome him.

"Good morning, dad! Still tired I see?" He chuckled.

Yvette nodded in agreement, giggling herself. Suddenly, she saw a familiar face coming over to the table. It was Remy. She quickly straightened herself up and tried to look natural. As Remy turned to her, she nodded.

Emile listened closely to Remy as he spoke, "The Petit Palais, eh? Hmm. Sounds interesting." He looked over to Yvette who seemed to be looking down, either jealous or shy. Emile then looked back up at Remy.

"I actually think I'm doing something tonight," he shrugged and sighed, "Sorry, Remy."
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
Ethan grinned.

"As soon as we're ready which means pretty much any time," said Ethan.


Renee slowly opened her eyes before stepping out. She tested the ground looking more or less releafed for not being on the road. Her first few steps were a little tippy before she managed to get a hold of herself. She then went to the trunk and retrieved her bike.

"Thank you very much, Chef. While I perhaps wasn't the greatest passanger, it was appreciated," said Renee sniffling.

She was happier to be out of the cab. She didn't like it one bit.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:48 pm (UTC)
Remy's smile stopped right where it was, and started slowly shrinking. "You're...doing something tonight? Well then how about you dad?" Remy looked over at Django.

"Ahhh you know me, my rheumatism and all that, not good for me to be up and about BUT.....how's about taking Yvette with you? I'm sure she has nothing going on, ain't that right Yvette?" Django looked over to her now, though Remy wasn't still fully convinced. He didn't know his dad had....rheumatism.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
"Any time works for me. Let's get it done earlier though so I can finalize the plans with Monsieur Judaken. He has the resources, just needs the time to set everything up." Horst explained.


"Well I'd suggest getting VERY used to it Renee, as I'm sure they've got all kinds of wild rides planned for our escape, just KNOWING those two and what I heard from Ethan...." Skinner trailed off, looking up at the restaurant. "Ah at any rate, we should get back to opening up. Bit behind today after all."
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
(OOC: Gotta get going. See you all at either 9pm or 10pm eastern!)
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:54 pm (UTC)
((OOC: K, see ya then!))
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
Yvette's eyes widened as she looked from Django to Remy. She quietly gulped before answering, "Erm... yeah! Not doing anything. I usually never am."

She managed to slip in a giggle or two before getting silent, causing Emile to chuckle.
Aug. 7th, 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
"There see? She's available, why not take her out? Sounds like a really fun exhibit, its just I got this gout see...uhh wait! I mean what did I say before? Rheumatism yeah, that's it! Rheumatism, and I was figuring on taking it easy tonight."

Well....his dad WAS a year older now...but this was really the first he'd heard of it. So he now turned his attention back to Yvette. "Well if its alright with you, sure, we can go then. I heard it takes place between 10 and midnight so that'd be okay with you?"
Aug. 7th, 2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
Both Emile and Yvette couldn't help but laugh when Django spoke. They both could see that he was trying to help Yvette, but it was still hilarious.

Yvette seemed to be smiling already as Remy asked her to go with him to the exibit. She couldn't help but nod continuously, quickly slipping out an "Yeah! That'd be great!"

She giggled again, a small blush forming in her cheeks.

Emile looked at Yvette and smirked, trying not to give too much away.

"Have fun tonight." He said to her, still smirking.

(OOC: Ahh! I'm listening some song I just found, and it's exactly how Yvette feels about Remy and it's so adorable and listening to it while posting is making me all emotional. Ahaha. *brick'd*)
Aug. 14th, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC)
That sounds adorable! maybe later on we could make a soundtrack for the rp when we have enough music. : ) I do love my soundtracks.
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Aug. 7th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC)
((OOC: Awww, that's cute! :D))

Remy gave her a nod. "Okay great! I think it's gonna be a really good time, the Petit Palais is SUCH a cool place and its right along the Champs Elysees and Seine to boot, PLUS it'll be air conditioned...unlike this place. So okay, Tanya's gonna take us over, and I will let's see....we'll probably leave here around closing time, or 9:30 if that's good for you."

Django only smiled nervously at the messed up attempt he'd made at talking his way out of it, but at least it had worked, that was the important thing.
Aug. 7th, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
(OOC: Yeah. xD It's called "Not Pretty Enough" by Kasey Chambers. >.>)

Yvette only sighed as Remy spoke to her. His words flowed into her head, getting stuck in her mind. She nodded again, slowly starting to grin.

"Yeah, I noticed that the AC wasn't working. It's getting hot."

She nodded once more as Remy finished speaking.

"I'll probably be here until then anyways, so that'll be perfect."

Emile couldn't help but smile, seeing as Yvette finally was been able to speak around Remy in full sentences, and even deal with going somewhere with him.
Aug. 7th, 2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
(ooc: Spot post! )

Ethan motioned for Horst to follow him out of the Cook Cave.

"Then let us waste not another minute. Time is indeed of the essance," said Ethan.


Renee paused at the idea of Ethan and more rides on various vehicles. She bet that Skinner was probably dead accurate with that concept.

Then a thought occurred to her.

"My station! -Koff!- I didn't set it -koff!- up! Mon dieux! That's not good!" said Renee quickly.

She went in to her bike pouch and pulled out her lucky knife.

"Going to need this!" said Renee.

(OOC: Hmm... maybe we should let Skinner have at least one sucessful lucky-knife-taking opportunity. XD It'll lend itself to some comedy releaf and funny things! XD )
Aug. 8th, 2007 02:20 am (UTC)
((OOC: Update, might NOT be brining my comp after all which means.....possibly no me till next Monday.))
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Remy nodded in a satisfied manner. "Good, and try to stay cool all of you, it'll be hot in here, sorry, nothing I can really do about that at the moment, but at least we can cool down tonight, I'm looking forward to it. I'll work on getting you your orders pronto, so take care!"

He gave a general nod in their direction and dashed off back to his bucket, passing Léon again on the way without noticing him. He got into his bucket and rode it down into the kitchen. "Hey Vernon, Ji-ji, sorry about dashing off. I had to talk with my family real quick. Where'd Léon get to?" he asked upon not seeing the rat.

"Well you got your wish, a night out with Remy. Better enjoy it." Django teased Yvette a bit as he leaned back in his chair, placing his forepaws behind his head in a resting posture.


"Very well, let us get ready then, we'll get this done, I'll finalize things on my end, and we go in tonight!" Horst took his uniform firmly in hand now, ready to get to down to work with this thing.


"Your station? Um well, I'm sure its all right, we've had a rather crazy morning after all" spoke Skinner, eying the knife. "Besides, I don't think we actually opened yet anyways....oh by the way....you didn't.....well go into my office and make some phone calls and play around with my desk earlier did you?" he asked her rather nonchalantly, as if it wasn't a big deal.
Aug. 8th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
Yvette nodded at Remy, a smile on her face. Tonight would be the night she had always dreamed about. Seeing the beautiful sights Paris had to offer, all with her inspiration, Remy. She sank a bit lower in her chair Remy left, looking over at Django.

She sighed, now seriously thinking about the situation.

"Yeah, I got my wish, and I'll enjoy every second of it..." she paused, "...but that doesn't mean Remy will."

She sank even farther into her seat, looking down at the floor.

Emile shrugged, unsure of how to answer.
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