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1st Ratatouille RP: PART 6!

We're back from hiatus (And our crazy scheduals) and ready to start RPing again. So excersize those fingers, brush your teeth and wear a jockstrap because all the action is heading your way!

By the way, I'm copying and pasting my last posts in to here as the opening post after the Recap.


 Things are getting hot for both kitchens in the biggest showdown they will ever face. To help get an edge on the competition, Skinner, Renee, Horst and Ethan swing their plans in to motion to get a copy of the much famed "Golden Koi" recepe from the Petit Palais museaum. However, Remy, Tanya and Yvette with the help of Ego are on a stake out at the museaum! With Tanya's 6th sense failing to detect anything due to the presence of Ethan and Horst's unpenatrable minds acting like a psychic veil, it's up to Remy to sniff them out. When he figures out the plan, mysertiously the GIGN and the police are tipped off and on the way as the Paws decide to crash the party! When Ethan sacrifices himself to save Renee and Skinner to help them, they escape with Horst only to have him swipe the copy of the Golden Koi right from under their noses.

 With the mission seemingly being all for nothing and Ethan missing, Renee is left shaken from the night's events. To make matters worse, when Skinner walks her to her apartment complex, her lawyer-fearing cut-throat landlord named Murdoch gets on Renee's case. Thinking that if he helps Renee with her problems with Murdoch she could eventually get herself back on the mental track of saving the DBR, Skinner decides to enlist the help of his lawyer, LaBarthe. But this doesn't happen without a little interfearance from the second furball he hates the most, Ji-ji. Ji-ji, using a dry erase board to communicate, offers to help Skinner build a case against Murdoch. Why? Because Ji-ji wants to see Renee happy again and unfortunately for her, she needs Skinner's help to do it. So the next morning, Ji-ji swipes some financial documents proving that Murdoch is doing something illegal and brings them to Skinner. But she also reveals one last piece of information regarding Renee's connection with her late father Rousseau who she never truely let go of. Ji-ji leaves Skinner, but not without telling him about a grave site in the Parisian countryside where Renee is hiding that morning. In the same morning, the crew of the DBR minus Hazell (who's taking a sick day) with Horst and LaBarth gather to build the case. With Renee not back yet, Horst goes out to convince her to come back.

 However, the night for both kitchens was rough when two groups of Paws decide to attack. Jong comes out with a sprained wrist as Hazell fought them off and then goes over to the Bistro to help them deal with the rest of Paws. It's also on this night that Torch learns from Linguini of the Bistro's biggest secret - Remy. He manages to handle the uniqueness of this situation and he also helps in the fight against the Paws by using one very smelly trap. However, when all is handled at the Bistro, Tanya returns but something is very wrong with her. She had gotten in to a car accident and her powers are temporarily shorted out. As a true test of Torch's worth, she leaves him in charge of her station until she recovers.

 Will Renee ever get out of her funk? Will Ethan ever be found? When will the Paws strike next? The fur will keep flying but in the end, who will be the last one standing? Find out on the next part of The First Ratatouille RP!


Jong was a little worried as well. Renee's behavior was very unusual to him. This was the first he's really seen her act out like this. Nomrally, the Renee he's seen was a chipper and perky individual. Not this angsty version.

"Is there anything we can do without her in the meantime?" asked Jong.


"Who did wha---? That's not making much sense, Remy. Care to fill me in on your side of the story?" said Ji-ji.

Something was nagging her in the back of her mind. There was something very fishy about this entire contest that The Word Witch had set up. Something else that didn't sit right with her.

"Everything is fine... so far. But the incident with the Paws has me concerned. Does anyone know why they came after us?" asked Collette.


Renee was a little startled that someone was here. How did Horst know of her whereabouts? She's never told anyone anything about this! Quietly, she looked around at Horst. By the looks of the expression on her face, she had been upset for quite a little while.

"I could have done something for him. But no matter how many times I think about it, there was no other way. I feel.... guilty. Ethan was my best friend... my first best friend. And now he's gone. If you know where he is... will you help me find him?" said Renee slowly trying not to switch back to speaking in Hawaiian.

She also half wondered what else that Horst wanted from her.


It was bad enough Ethan lost his glasses. What was worse was attempting to navigate the sewers with nothing more than his hands and feet on the walls. He felt dirty and disgusting with the sewer debris he was coated in. The shoulder injury was stinging something horrible. He was just too deep in to the sewers for his sister to reach him on his comm system. For now, he was left to his own devices...


Uncle Herandez popped out from one of the halls. Torch looked at him.

"How is she?" asked Torch.

"We're just keeping her here for observation. She's recovering, but she won't be able to fully use her psychic abilities for at least 48 hours," said Hernandez.

"Anything I can do?" asked Torch.

"Yes. Tanya asked me to tell you to go to work. That's where she needs you right now. She also mentions that if you refuse, the instant she recovers there's going to be hell to pay," said Hernandez.

Torch didn't like the sound of that one bit.

"Er... right, dude. I'll get goin'. Just look after her, alright?" said Torch.

Hernandez nodded.

"She's in good hands," he replied.

Torch gave a small smile as he said his good byes and headed out to his truck to get back to the Bistro...


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Apr. 25th, 2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
((OOC: OK, time to get back into this! Much thanks for the recap))

"Uh well..." Skinner was about to order Jong to get the kitchen up and running but then he felt like smacking himself in the forehead. Of course, Renee wasn't there in the first place and she was the one stipulated to make their dish, not to mention that vanishing recipie....how on eart had he lost it?

Skinner's attempts at thinking back to try to put the pieces together were unsuccessful however. The most he could think of was that it had fallen out of his pocket when Horst picked up for their escape. "Get the kitchen moving at least, we have customers to wait on, um...are you going to be able to handle yourself Monsieur Jong?" Skinner asked him, not wanting to leave until he was sure of that.


"Ok..." Remy slowed himself down. "We'll take it from the top." He began to relate to her the events of last night, of how he had confronted and tried to stop both Ethan and Horst, and how Horst had apparently been helping him this entire time, even going so far as to call the GIGN out just to ensure that an extra wrench was thrown in to the plans and that no harm had come to him in the process.

"So I just...Horst...a GOVERNMENT agent! I don't even know what to think anymore!" he said exasperatedly. "It's like this huge...thing that I can't control." he said, looking back up at the counter top at Leon (yeah I'm not at my regular computer so I can't get the accent on), who was still waiting patiently.

"Now with the paws coming...say! Have you heard any news about them? I mean you get around right?" he asked her. She WAS a siamese cat as well, that would definitely make it easier for her to blend in, but of course he had no idea if she ever visited their neck of the city or not.

Linguini meanwhile shook his head. "No..I don't think so. They're not even involved in this little competition we have going on are they? Unless...like maybe The Word Witch went and presented THEM with a challenge without telling us!" he said, getting angry at his own theory that wasn't entirely accurate.


"I will...." Horst said softly, "Help can come in many forms. You did not lose the recipe last night." he said, knowing that'd cheer her up, or at least hoping it would. "Turns out Chef Not So Tall dropped it in the parking lot of Notre Dame last night, I found but you guys had already left. I came here to tell you first." he said.

He looked out into the graveyard. "I'm sure that we'll be able to find Monsieur Kollander. I mean he's not dead obviously, a guy like him doesn't exactly buy it that easily. How about you? What are you doing out here?" he asked, even though he had a generally good idea.
Apr. 25th, 2008 07:36 pm (UTC)
(OOC: I'm not going to RP out Collette for a bit because I'm not all there with her yet. So I'll wait her out.)

Jong picked up a knife and twirled it around gracefully in his one good hand before grabbing on to the handle tightly.

"I'll manage. This would not be the first time my dexterity has been put to the test," said Jong, "you just worry about what you have to and about what Monsieur LaBarth has to say."

(OOC: I just remembered that Ji-ji has a prank pulled on the handset of Skinner's office phone. It's been a while, so that needs to be mentioned - What Ji-ji did for the past few weeks was put some weight (gradually) in to the handset of the phone. Now she's recently emptied the handset of the weight so that by picking it up, Skinner would be expecting the weight and suddenly not having it will cause himself to be smacked in the face. Cleaver, yes? XD )


"Why would YOU want to know, Leon? Besides, I haven't busted in to that place lately anyways. I've only been around here. Actually, I'm not sure what to expect from the last time I was there. It's been a while so they might have changed a few things. I'm not sure if it's safe to be able to spy on them at the moment," said Ji-ji.

She looked over at Remy.

"I mean, yeah... I can have a look in there for you BUT I'd kinda want someone to come with me as an extra set of eyes if you get my drift. The Paws are dangerous and insanely smart. I wouldn't put it past them if they have a few treats in store for us," said Ji-ji.


"I came to see papa. It's the only thing I have left of him that here in Paris. He was the one who taught me how to cook and helped me get my lucky knife. I haven't got the chance to see him lately... so I came....." said Renee slowly.

She looked Horst right in the eye. It was a sad expression with a slight glimmer of hope.

"You will find Ethan for me? Right? ....And the recipee?" asked Renee.

(OOC: Woosh! It feels great to be back with my characters again. But at the same time, a little weird. Oh well! I will survive! ^^ Nice to be back in action!)
Apr. 28th, 2008 07:30 pm (UTC)
Skinner nodded, satisfied that at least Jong would be able to handle himself. "Yes..very well then. With these documents we should be able to get something good on this Murdoch should we not?" he asked, waving them in LaBarthe's face.

"I suppose so." he said, shrugging in a bored manner. "Why don't we find out first." he suggested, gesturing over to Skinner's office.

"Of course, then in that case you have the floor Jong, if Renee gets back in soon tell her to come to my office, we should be done in a little while." he said, leading the way as his lawyer followed him in.


Leon feigned hurt. "I look out for the family as well, what's so strange about that?" he asked.

Remy looked up at Ji-ji, gulping. An extra set of eyes. Did she mean him? The thought of sneaking about inside the Paws' restaurant sort of made him uneasy, and he wasn't sure he was up for something like that due to last night.

"Hmm, well I can't imagine they know we're THAT intelligent, would they? It would just be standard traps right?" he asked her. Leon came down now as well, heading over to them.

"If you need someone to go with you, I would do it, if you promise to behave." he said, fixing her with a cold stare. He folded his arms and looked from her to Remy. Remy wasn't sure how to respond. He was needed here of course but....


Horst nodded. "Yes, I promise to do my best to locate him. You might be surprised in fact. As for the recipe, it's right here." he took out a folde few sheets of paper from his pocket, holding them out to her, but just beyond reach. "I made a copy of the original and returned it to the museum so that we wouldn't have headhunters after us." he said, rolling his eyes. "This should be what you need....oui?" he asked her slowly.
Apr. 30th, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
Jong nodded.

"I'll see to that," said Jong.

He then went to prep his stations for the day.


"Wait! Me go with Leon?! But I---HRARG! Fine. But I'll be keeping a good eye on him. One false move and cheese-lips is toast," Ji-ji grumbled.

She paced around a little before sitting down.

"Anyways, about those traps. Uh... well.... lets just say that they might not be so standard. They've... uh.... caught me sneaking around before. So the last time I was there, it was starting to look more like the Temple Of Doom. I'm not sure if they've upgraded since," said Ji-ji.


Renee nodded wordlessly at Horst. She was starting to recover a little bit more. It took her a few moments to speak.

"O.... oui. I need that. Can I have it? Please?" said Renee slowly.
May. 21st, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
(OOC: *Pokes* Hey-oh? Anyone out there?)
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