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1st Ratatouille RP: PART 6!

We're back from hiatus (And our crazy scheduals) and ready to start RPing again. So excersize those fingers, brush your teeth and wear a jockstrap because all the action is heading your way!

By the way, I'm copying and pasting my last posts in to here as the opening post after the Recap.

Mele Kalikimaka and Happy Holidays!

Hi there, everyone!

As the proud admin of the longest running and most active Ratatouille RP, I wish you the following:

Joyeux Nöel!
(The Parisian Way)

Feliz Navidad!
(The Spanish Way)

Merry Christmas!
(The English Way)


(The Renee way! XD)

So here's hoping that you all have a great Christmas.

- Steele Oracle

1st Rataouille RP: PART 5!

 Hi there, everyone! It's that time again! Anyways, we now have Linguini covered but we're STILL missing Collette. Can someone PLEASE help out on this one? Pretty please with sugar on top? ^^; Anyways, also if Riddle_Holic's reading this, are you stuck and do you need another way back in? You seem to always get caught in these timejumps leaving you in a weird spot. So I'm wondering if you need some help out there?

On another note, The RP OST project has been started, so if you're interested, please feel free to add to it. On my last note here is that if you've got friends who are Rataouille fans, please feel free to invite them to join us! Come on! We don't bite.... much. XD

So anyways, on to the RECAP!

BRAINSTORM: 1st Ratatouille RP

Hi there, everyone. Since we're on the cusp of a major event and a major time jump, I've got the strong feeling that people are going to want to brainstorm some stuff to get some of their characters moving. I know that I've got a clue as to what my characters' roles are, but I get the feeling that some of you out there are a little stuck. This is where this topic comes in. It's to brainstorm to help get each other all unstuck. Also, if you want to brainstorm ideas for new OCs, that's welcome here also.

On another different note, anyone care to help drawing maps of where some of our settings are. We know that the DBR is right across from La Ratatouille, that The Monkey's Paw is a few blocks away, that the Film characters' homes are uh... somewhere, Kollander's Quick Kitchen is also somewhere near the Seine River, and that Renee's appartment is also near the Seine River. Uh... did I miss anything?

Anyways, post away!

Hi there, Everyone! Anyways, Riddle_holic came up with the awesome idea of creating an official soundtrack (OST) for the 1st Ratatouille RP.

So I figured why don't we all team up and see what we can add to the pot and help Riddle out on this project? So if you've got mad skills in Sony Acid Xpress or Apple's GarageBand, or maybe you just know of some awesome songs/mp3s that just fit the characters, scenes, and/or events of the RP to a "T," I'd say post what you've got here and let's make this OST ROCK!

So come ON, everyone! Let's see what we can put together! 

Ratatouille Rp Sketches

Just some chicken scratches I decided to share. Also for some reason Renee is really hard to draw...@_@*still trying*

Click Collapse )

OCs for the Monkey's Paw Kitchen needed!

The correct link for posting your new OC profiles for the Monkey's Paw or any other character, can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/rat_a_2_ee_rp/504.html


The 1st Ratatouille RP: PART 4!

Hi, guys! Anyways, I'll be posting the recap soon. But I would like to say that we really need our Linguini and Collette back. They've been M.I.A for way too long! So anyone wanting to auto these two, please do it! We seriously need them back!

As another side note, we also need more OCs in each kitchen. So far, I've been managing a huge chunk of the OCs and their creations, but I'd love to see what other people come up with for OCs too. So if you got any ideas for some, please post them and bring them in. ^^

Now on to the recap!

Blogging: Renee's got a blog!

Hi there, everyone! Anyways, Renee now has her own blog. It can be found right here: http://kitchenkalamities.blogspot.com/ 
She always has plenty to say. And if you have something to say to her, she'll always reply back. She's always interested in what others have to say. So feel free to drop her a line over there.

The 1st Ratatouille RP: PART 3!

Hi there, everyone! Anyways, we've moved on to PART 3 of the RP, so the recap will be below the cut in case you're a little lost as to what was going on. Now I've noticed a few of you went MIA for a while (which is okay, but you know, we DO miss you when you're gone.) but I hope you do plan to come back. Come on! We like your company!

Anyways, on to the recap!