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Recap: RP Highlights and Announcements! ^^

Hi, Everyone! Anyways, I noticed that Jade and Luna are still missing. ^^; And we really want you two back! So to help you catch up just in case the recap didn't cut it for you, I posted links to the highlights of the RP. Oh yeah... I just had to come up with titles for them like they do in DVDs when they have scene selection titles. It was just too cool.

Anyways, I hope you two come back soon otherwise I'll have to start looking for another Linguini or something which I really don't want to do to you. So please come back soon. All RP highlights are below the cut.

On another lighter note, if anyone has any fanfiction, fanart... ect dealing with our OCs, feel free to make a new journal entry and post them. We'd all love to see them.

As a final sidenote, I'd also really love to be able to better dress up the apperance of our community, so if anyone would like to help out in that, I'd love that. ^^ Thanks!

Anyways, on to the CUT!

The 1st Ratatoullie Community RP: PART 2!

Hi there, Everyone! All the details for part two of our RP are going to be below the cut... for uh... you know... convinience! ^^ So here's your stuff: 


Hi there, everyone! Anyways, I'd like to point you all interested individuals to the Character Claiming section ( http://community.livejournal.com/rat_a_2_ee_rp/721.html ) because it's been updated with a new character that we might need and also with help needed. (We seriously need Collette!) All the info is at that link. Thanks.

Oh... and, Jade? Where are you? We really need Remy. We have someone puppetting him for you, but we really need you back.

Profiles: Help Wanted!

The links to the OCs, their profiles and where to put them can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/rat_a_2_ee_rp/504.html


The First Ever Community Ratatoullie RP

Here's our first RP. Just be sure to claim your characters and post your profiles in the respective places. In case you're unsure of where everything is, here's the right links for it:

(For the Profiles/Settings)

(For the Character Claims)

I'm totally sorry that the Community is a bit of a mess right now. I'm still trying to sort out a look/feel for it. So it's currently under construction.

Anyways, here's your RP:



RP Character Claims

In order for the RPs here to work, we desperately need some characters claimed. If you want, you can RP an NPC. So here's a list of unclamed NPCs that needs RPers. On a side note here, don't clame an NPC if you're never going to RP. That can really put the other RPers in a real pickle if that happens. You can claim as many NPCs as you want and you can claim an NPC if you have an OC too. We're flexible that way.

All the RP details can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/rat_a_2_ee_rp/504.html


Remy = Jade Cheetah (nauticusvergil is going to be puppetting for now until Jade gets back)
Emile = Allieamity
Django = nauticusvergil
Linguini = lunaazteca
Skinner = Allieamity (nauticusvergil is going to be puppetting for Allieamity unless she says otherwise)
Ego = Riddle Holic

Collette = spreadtheword_x/Michelle (Steele_Oracle to puppet)
Horst = nauticusvergil
Deseree = ?
Git = ?
Gusteau = ?
Pompadou = ?
Lalo = ?
Larousse = ?
Mustafa = ?
Talon Labarthe = nauticusvergil

NPC OPENING: We also have a new NPC opening for Deseree which is Remy and Emile's mother. As a bit of history, Deseree was originally going to appear in the movie but just like most of the Rat Family, she was cut. The only time she's been mentioned was in the Ratatouille artbook. But now we're going to shed some light on this forgotten character and actually incorporate her in to the RP as an experimental NPC. We don't have much information on her beyond the fact that she's quite intelligant, seems to always know what each of her family members are up to and can probably sing. Oh... and she's sorta a heavy set female rat. What makes this so experimental? Well... we don't know much about her personality or anything like that since she was cut. So this gives the members of this community to expand on Deseree's character. So good luck to whoever bravely takes on the task of fleshing her out. - Steele Oracle

RP Profiles and Settings

Hi there, everyone! Anyways, here's all the details that you're going to wanna know for the start of our very first RP here. This post contains all the details and the profile sheets. So if you're ever lost, just referance this. All profile sheets (regardless of the RP in this community) can be posted here.

As for the settings and details for this RP in particular, it DOES contain spoliers so I'm going to put everything below the cut. I'm going to ask that in the future that if your RP contains spoilers that it should use an LJ cut.... just like you would for art or fan fiction.