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rat_a_2_ee_rp's Journal

The Rat-a-2-ee RP Community
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Ratatouille RP
Hey! Glad to see you with us and wanting to explore the Ratatoullie universe through RP. But as with all great things, lets set some ground rules here. Bear in mind that we're pretty flexible about these things. Like we aren't going to nail you to the wall or anything unless it's super bad. But I doubt that'll happen, right? ;) So anyways, here are the rules:


- Please keep characters IN character. Especially FILM characters! While it would look kinda silly to see Skinner sprout a tail and climb around everything like a monkey while singing a Spice Girls song (No wait! That would be down right hillarious!), I seriously don't think that he would do that. So please keep that in mind. (This is especially important if you clame a character!)

- You can have more than 1 character to RP with. So you can have 2 or 3 or 15... whatever! Just as long as you can keep track of all them.

- No one gets ignored or left behind. Seriously, we can't all be on all the time or anything, so we have to make sure that no one gets walked over and left in the dust. So ALL of us has to do our part to prevent that.

- Special abilities are awesome! Like if your character has excellent eye sight or something. BUT don't let your special abilities get outta control where it gets to the point of god-modeing. God-modes = seriously not cool. Same thing goes for special items too. On that same note, let me add that weaknesses are a bucket full of fun and can lead to even funnier situations like for example if your character has a bad sense of direction = that's funny!

- Puppetting is allowed if you feel confident about it. I mean it's always nice for someone to keep the driver's seat warm for you, right?

- Please keep everything rated PG. I think that explains itself and saves a lot of trouble.

- I think there should be a 300 comments rule because if the RP is really good, there's going to be loads of comments. So to avoid having to go through 3000 comments on one journal entry, I suggest that we do 300 comments instead. The person to leave the 300th comment has to start up a new journal entry with RP in the title and has to copy & paste their last comment in to the new journal entry plus a recap just so no one gets lost. Nothing worse than to be lost and accidentally stepping on others toes!

- Under the profiles journal entry of our community, please post your profiles. They help the rest of us out when we need to referance them in a hurry. Character claims are under their own seperate jorunal all together.

- If you don't feel confident in RPing the character you've claimed, don't worry about it. Just speak up and we'll try to help you out.

- If you want, you can RP an NPC. On a side note here, don't claim an NPC if you're never going to RP. That can really put the other RPers in a real pickle if that happens. You can claim as many NPCs as you want and you can claim an NPC if you have an OC too. We're flexible that way.

- Since I'm guessing there are going to be mulitple RPs going on at a time, make sure you clearly mark in the journal's title which RP it is so we don't get mixed up RP #1 with RP #2. Incidentally, if you've got an idea for an RP, post it! Odds are, it's probably awesome! By posting it, you can also see how much support you're going to get for it. Also please clearly mark in the journal title that it's an idea. Also, it helps if you use your tags as well. It really cuts down on the confusion.

- Feel free interact with anyone/everyone in the comments section when you're RPing. To do Just hit "Post A New Comment" to play. Just DON'T hit reply unless it's an OOC (Out Of Character) reply that you wanna call someone on. If you just hit reply for regluar RPing, that kinda makes things a little messy and can cause problems. If you do by mistake, that's okay. Just read the other comments to see if anyone's replied to yours, hit "Post A New Comment" to reply back.

- Most important rule of all = HAVE FUN!